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Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction drives us to go beyond expectations and create lasting relationships with our valued clients.

Who Are We

At ITEX Technology, we are a dynamic and innovative team of professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional digital solutions. With expertise in web development, graphics design, logo design, SEO, and SEM.

Our Mission

Our mission at ITEX Technology is to empower businesses with innovative digital solutions. We are committed to transforming your online presence, driving growth, and helping you stay ahead in the digital landscape.

What We Do

Our Six - Design Process


Understand the client's goals, target audience, and unique selling points


Create a sitemap to outline the website's structure and navigation.


Craft a visually appealing and user-friendly design that aligns with the client's brand.


Convert the approved design into a functional website using Web Technologies.


Conduct thorough testing to ensure the website functions correctly across different browsers and devices.


Deploy the website to a hosting environment and configure any necessary server settings.

The Software Development Cycle

the software development process or software development life cycle (SDLC), refers to the systematic approach followed to design, develop, test, deploy, and maintain software applications. It encompasses a series of well-defined stages and activities aimed at delivering high-quality software that meets the requirements of stakeholders. Let’s explore the typical stages of the software development cycle
In this initial phase, the project team works closely with stakeholders, such as clients, users, and business analysts, to gather and document the software requirements. This involves understanding the desired features, functionalities, and goals of the software application.
In this stage, the development team analyzes the gathered requirements and creates a software design that outlines the architecture, data structures, modules, and interfaces of the application. This phase focuses on making crucial design decisions that lay the foundation for the development process.
Also known as the coding phase, this is where the actual development of the software takes place. Programmers write the source code according to the design specifications. They follow coding standards, best practices, and use appropriate programming languages, frameworks, and libraries to implement the desired functionality
Testing is a critical phase in the software development cycle. Quality Assurance (QA) engineers conduct various types of testing, including unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing. This helps identify and fix bugs, errors, and functional issues to ensure the software meets the expected quality standards.
Once the software has passed all the necessary tests, it is ready for deployment. The deployment phase involves packaging the software and making it available for end-users. This may include installation, configuration, and migration of data, depending on the nature of the software and the target environment
After deployment, the software enters the maintenance and support phase. This involves addressing any issues that arise, providing updates and patches, enhancing functionalities, and ensuring the software remains compatible with evolving technologies and user needs. Maintenance can be corrective (fixing bugs), adaptive (accommodating changes), or perfective (optimizing performance).

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Zoha is a great freelancer to work with. If I have another job, I would consider her again. She has an eye for what is needed on the website and what is not.
Upwork Client
Zoha did an amazing job on our website. She used her magic to create a useable website. And She managed to get our site going in a small time frame.
Upwork Client
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